11" 1/2' Smoking Incense Bottle
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11" 1/2' Smoking Incense Bottle

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 Our Smoking Incense Bottles are handcrafted using the highest quality clay.  

How to work Incense, Burning Oil, and Bottle:
Take the incense stick, the metal keyring and place the non-burning end of an incense stick into the metal keyring. Light the incense stick and lower it through the opening in the top of the bottle. When your lowering it into the bottle be sure to center the incense stick so that it doesn't touch the inside of the bottle. The bottle has a pre-drilled hole towards the middle of the bottle so that air can flow through to keep the incense stick lit. Smoke will rise out of the top of the bottle. Ashes will fall to the bottom of the bottle. For using the Burning Oil Glass Defuser, simply add your choice of Burning Oil. Next, add your wick string (let it soak in). Last, light the smaller end of the wick and smell the air filled with a delightful smell. To keep the bottle clean: simply remove the metal keyring, dispose of the remaining stick and carefully dump the ashes into the trash. Make sure the remaining stick and ashes are cooled first! Carefully wipe off the exterior of the bottle with a clean, soft, dry cloth. This bottle is not crafted to be in the water - the design will not last if it is cleaned this way!
This product is not only an incense burner/holder, it can also be used as a beautiful decorative piece for any room.
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